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The innovative drive system

Made in Germany

Leading through innovation. Whether in new builds, retrofitting or renovation – you can offer your customers a cost-effective alternative to traditional lift solutions with a Piconorm kit. You thus secure a clear advantage in comparison with your competition because you can offer your customers an innovative and cost-effective unique selling point. With Piconorm kits, you can finally build your home lifts yourself: – with any design – very simple – much quicker – more cost-effective The motor, with 230 V alternating current supply, is frequency controlled and does not need any settings made after connection in order to achieve perfect ride comfort. All parts of the kits are galvanised and pre-assembled, down to the limit switches and solenoid switches. Installation can be done very easily and quickly. The kit with controls has type approval in accordance with EN81-41:2010. All doors approved in accordance with the lift directive can be used. You can thus implement your own customised home lift and your design.
- no machine room required - environmentally friendly - no hydraulic fluid/aggregate - no counterweight required - very quiet operation - excellent riding comfort - exact stopping
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